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What's the real reason the left is so anti Kavanaugh?

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  • Sexual assault allegations,
    And his partisan ways of attacking the left-wing and promising revenge.
    John A. Deering · 7 0
  • Not really anti-Kavanaugh, just anti Trump. Trump could nominate Jon Snow and they'd march out Ygritte who would claim Jon Snow assaulted her in a cave.
    Joseph · 9 8
  • Because he can swing the Supreme Court. Because his respect for women is in question and Roe v. Wade could be at stake. Because his appointment is for life and we could be stuck with him for decades like that a$$ Clarence Thomas (or that nonentity David Souter). Because he has shown himself to be partisan and NOT impartial as a judge should be.
    Amaretta · 12 7
  • The leftist demorats have lost their power, and that is a good thing. They were trying to stop POTUS Trump' second placement of a second SCOTUS
    judge because he is going to have to nominate another one in about two years.
    antonius · 11 3
  • Because he is a straight white Republican male.
    Former Liberal · 26 32
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