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Should more Liberals Anthony Bourdain themselves?

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    Politically speaking, they already have.
    yr_nxt_bf · 0 0
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  • If not then the males should be Bobbitized
    T'rone · 0 0
  • You first

    Show us how
    Actual Llewen · 1 0
  • You'd like that, right?

    I mean, if what you want is for the progressives to go away and kill themselves, you must really fear the coming November elections, don't you?

    If you think that you are so right, why can't you make a proper demonstration that would convince liberals to become conservatives instead?

    Liberals are there, and your current obscene obese orange disgrace will eventually be impeached. You cannot stop that, and many republicans are equally offended that they are represented by such a liability.
    Either the likes of you clean the house, or they will be forced out.
    Vincent G · 3 2
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