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Do mgtows create panic for women?

Like women feel like their privileges and easy life going to end since men are no longer care about them. Lets say all men opt out for sex dolls instead of real women and stay away from marriage completely. Wouldn't that be enough for women to have schizophrenic mania?
  • Answers
  • Mgtow is a euphemism for an online batterer who can't get laid.
    Mr. Yaw · 6 2
  • the Women hate men
    md · 3 7
  • No. Honestly, outside of this particular forum, I never ever heard of MGTOW.
    melouofs · 2 9
  • Not MGTOW per se as a label. Like some say, many people have not heard of it. But what men are actually doing, going their own way, yes. I work with a mixed group of men and women. Men are withdrawing from the dating scene. And really withdrawing from marriage. There are many young and very pretty girls having trouble getting dates. And almost none are getting married.
    Mark · 11 4

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