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If the sun dies, would the moon die too?

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    Sun will swell to a red giant star. Its outer shell will reach beyond Earth's orbit. So Mercury, Venus, Earth and our Moon will vaporize. Later the sun will shrink down to a white dwarf. It will continue to exist for billions of years. Its "death" might be just a black cinder in a universe without starlight. Sun continues to exist.
    Starrysky · 0 0
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  • No, but our planet certainly would.
    Jenny · 0 1
  • yes If the sun dies, would the moon die too
    md · 1 1
  • when sun is going to die,creates a lot of gravity and pulls earth and moon towards herself, when earth or moons approach sun, huge heat melts everything and all of us are going to die.
    Matin · 1 1
  • The moon is already dead. The sun "going out" wouldn't affect it unless the sun also lost all it's mass. If there was no solar mass, nothing in our solar system would have anything to orbit around except other planets.
    choko_canyon · 2 0

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