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How can we limit the democrat vote in 2018?

My district already closed some voting polls, scheduled different times they are open and have prevented early voting.
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    It's unseemly to tell lies like this. Grow up.
    Jeffrey · 2 3
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  • Throw all the rapists & sex criminals from the GOP. Otherwise you will lose, deservedly, more than half the voters.
    Zhu · 2 3
  • Pretty sure they haven't since all those things are illegal and would impact all voters. I call troll...
    harpertara · 1 6
  • There is widespread voter suppression documented. No new methods are needed.
    Republicans couldn't show any widespread illegal voting but ignore documented voter suppression.
    marsel_duchamp · 3 5
  • Work with Russian agents and intelligence services.
    Jeff · 3 3
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