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Should Trump be impeached?

I think he should be.
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  • If he ever does anything deserving of impeachment, I am sure there will be no time wasted in doing so. You don't think that means he'll be forced out of office, do you? IMPEACHED former president billy (draft dodger) clinton stayed in the White House after being impeached.
    out2lunch4now2 · 4 1
  • Impeachment requires a crime,... 'I don't like him'..., However delightful is not a crime.
    Joseph · 3 1
  • Sure. Why not? He's a life-long crook.
    Zhu · 7 8
  • You cannot impeach a president just because you don't like him. You need reason. This isn't like Britain where you can replace the Prime Minister with a simple "no confidence" vote in Parliament. Facts matter, opinion doesn't, where impeachment is concerned.
    Hoekom Jy My Haat · 8 3
  • YES but only right along with Water, and Many other Democrats especially H Clinton..and they all should be in prison... for LYING to the people... ALL POLITICIANS SHOULD BE IN PRISON... EVERY ONE HAS AND STILL LIES TO THE PEOPLE TO GET REELECTED...
    retired old sarge · 12 12

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