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Why do democrats want to flood America with non white "immigration"?

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  • because they believe those immigrants will at some point vote for Democrats.
    pH of 7 · 7 5
  • Im a Dem, white Liberals dont really want that. Theyre just as racist as you are but theyre not brave enough to be overt about it like you or theyre in denial. Theyre hoping racist like you do the work for them while they pretend to be limitedly inclusive. White libs are basically racists with no balls.
    . · 11 11
  • The economy is doing so well, there's nobody to buy votes from. So, the democrats are importing socialists from South America.
    Homeschool produces winners · 17 12
  • Because it’s such a heady feeling when we send our thought forms thousands of miles away to non-Caucasian countries, after our Pilates classes, while we’re sipping our lattes at Starbucks and concentrating with our eyes closed and Bang! next thing u know, we’ve caused this exact phenomenon to which you’re referring to be made manifest. Who wouldn’t want that? You’d probably want to try it at least once yourself.
    americathebrutalful · 20 14

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