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How do people think Trump is the worst president?

Our economy is booming right now, GDP has grown at a record rate and unemployment is at an 18 year low. Taxes are lower, the middle and lower class got the biggest tax cuts. I get he’s not polished like a life long politician, but I’d rather have that than more corrupt politicians.
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    They fall for the propaganda because they are weak minded, easily swayed people
    PANTIFA · 5 7
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  • He is...duh!
    Nick · 13 11
  • Many of our presidents were very corrupt. An example: Who would you say was a better president morally, JFK or Bill Clinton? Most people would say JFK but the thing is Bill Clinton had an affair(s), but so did JFK. The reason people don't know about it is because there was no social media back then. They think he is the worst president because of how everything about is his life is so public. As well, the way he acts, speaks, and treats others speak volumes. Personally, I think he is getting the job done, he has not anything wrong in terms of the Constitution, but morally he probably is not the best.
    NavyBrat · 20 16
  • Here are the current U.S. Poverty Statistics released September 2018 by the U.S. Census Bureau [i]. They represent various categories of the population and the percentage of people within those categories in a poverty status (more on Poverty Threshold page):
    Adults not working - 31%
    Single moms - 26%
    Adults with a disability - 25%
    Adults without a high school diploma - 25%
    Black Americans - 21%
    Foreign born non-citizens - 19%
    Hispanic Americans - 18%
    All children - 18%
    Single dads - 12%
    Seniors - 9%
    Married couples - 5%
    Adults with college degree or higher - 5%
    Full time working adults - 2%
    americathebrutalful · 7 14
  • Well for starters:
    I'll give you the fact that the economy is still increasing. That being said, it's the rate of increase that matters. For example Obama started during the recession but turned the economy around, so when Trump took over, any slight improvement would mean it is "the highest in years". The rate of growth for most economic markers has slowed since Trump took over. (e.g. Dow, unemployment, record growth in budget deficit etc...) As well as this, the "tax cut" republicans always talk about mainly cuts taxes for the rich and actually RAISES taxes for the middle class long term. This is the group economic studies show is most likely to spend what they get on local products, boosting the economy.
    To address corruption:
    Trump is the first president in modern history to fail to release his tax returns - an important step in knowing where his investments lie making the public aware of his conflicts of interest. He is also the first president in modern history to not put his company in a blind trust, which is a major conflict of interest. Let's also not forget lying about his sexual relations with a porn star and paying her off to not talk about it (enough to impeach Bill Clinton but strangely not a republican...) Also relevant is the fact that he obstructed justice by firing Comey for investigating his campaign. He has also called for Mueller's firing many times (why would an innocent person need to fire the man investigating him?) On top of all this, New York Times found evidence that Trump committed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of tax fraud through the establishment of shell companies and through lying to the IRS about his property values. He cannot be tried for this as it is past the statute of limitations but it still makes him a literal criminal as he committed a federal crime. He may well be the most corrupt pres. in history.
    There is still plenty more that I don't have time to get into.
    Medmoose · 29 22

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