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Pisces man and Aquarius woman? Do they work?

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  • Especially when exchanging bodily fluid , yes. They are both water signs you know
    Eve · 2 0
  • No. Because water and air doesn't go really well being mixed together. Plus, Pisces destroys Aquarius. Most Pisces men are extremely fickle creatures, Aquarius women are workaholics and they're really intelligent people. On the other side, the emotional Pisces will not understand how rational Aquarius thinks.
    Idealist · 0 1
  • Depends on the pisces
    I tend to get along with the February ones more so than the March ones. But yes, I’d say so.
    Lovergal · 2 0
  • It will be an exception if it works. Although its definitely impossible to predict the outcomes based on sun sign only.
    Aaron · 5 3

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