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Can you live life happily without believing in a god?

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    It's much happier to live without those silly childish, irrational fears and live life to the fullest. The only life you will ever have.

    The promise of an "Afterlife" Is a pathetic ruse.
    ­čĄö Jay · 0 0
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  • I see many people each day who, because they are gullible, think they can not live without belief in an imaginary god directing their life.
    antonius · 6 3
  • yes to an extend but even if you don't believe in god you will mention his name in times of hardship that's the origin nature of human to come back to god you never see a human calling for rats ,cows or any ideal in hard times its human true nature and there destiny
    Musab · 9 1
  • Maybe you can, but I cannot -- I've tried.
    jon pike · 12 1
  • Can someone live life happily after someone abandons their wife and kids? I guess if you are a clinical psychopath

    Someone can be happy and be in total ignorance to the reality of a situation. In other words there could be a reckoning day right around the corner
    The Holy Shroud of Turin · 9 2

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