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Is the proof there were blacks in England in the 1400s, like left wingers say there were?

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  • This is true and so were Native Americans----------WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MATTER.
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  • There was some presence of Moors from Spain & people of various ethnicities from around the Mediterranean. By the 1500s there was a parish that had a fairly significant percentage of non-Whites.... the parish register still exists in the Guild Hall. These people were mostly merchants & seamen & their families with a mixture of diplomats. You have to remember that trade was increasing & that Spain & Portugal & a large part of France had been under Moorish control for centuries. The Moorish rulers had extensive trade with North Africa, both across the Mediterranean & down the West coast. Moorish princesses (who often had Jewish ancestry that extended back into Roman times) were married off into European royal families. Of course, the other factor was the Roman Empire, which had North African legions. The Romans liked to send legions as far from their own homes as possible, so North African troops were sent to Britain. While it is unlikely that any English could trace ancestry to those Roman troops by 1400, It is likely that there were marriages & offspring.
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  • a Few Non-white people are ok but an Invasion of people who hate us because we are white and Christian is Not on deporting the Lot

    Look at AU white Australia Policy that worked the world condemned us so we let in Muslims and had Cronulla Riots
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  • Who says there were? What are you talking about.
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  • In 1953, the fossil of the Beachy Head Lady was found in East Sussex. The skeleton, which is thought to have originated from Sub-Saharan Africa, has been dated to around 245 AD. A skeleton of a female found in England may indicate the existence of a very small number of black people in Britain dating to the 11th century. In 2013, a skeleton was discovered in Fairford, Gloucestershire, which forensic anthropology revealed to be that of a sub-Saharan African woman. Her remains have been dated between the years 896 and 1025. Local historians believe she may have been a bonded servant. But, there is little evidence of Black people in Britain during the middle ages.
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