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How can I achieve a lean muscular body?

I m 18 years old and could be in better shape. I have a small amount of belly fat, scrawny arms, and, somehow, quite large legs.

I want to strive for a body that is similar to that of David Beckham s.
I ve tried looking for his workout resume but all I can seem to find are clickbait articles that seem to go on about what his body looks like and not how to achieve it (as it s title suggests).

I have access to a gym but, from what I ve heard, his workout really just consists of intense cardio.

I m still at an intermediate level when it comes to knowledge of fitness so I don t really know what cardio workouts to follow that will allow me to push for that body type.

My diet typically consists of chicken, beef, and vegetables and I ve also been cutting down on sweets and soft drink as I know they are probably the worst thing you can eat.

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