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Do you think you are smarter than Donald Trump?

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    I’m actually literate, so........yes?
    E · 7 5
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  • I have a 157 I.Q.what is donalds
    E · 7 5
  • Why would anyone think he is smart when we who REALLY know him know that he is only wealthy because he got 28 million from his father and hired the same financial consultant that his father had working for him. Ross Perot is a self made millionaire and HE is smart.
    Trump? Nope.
    I knew more about the Gov't than he currently does,.. when i was in 6th grade.
    Larry from the ferry · 17 5
  • Donald is obviously smarter at business wheeling & dealing.. I think I'm smarter at understanding science & the world's issues, but that's not saying much as it seems that could be said of almost everybody w/ Ms. Sanders excepted.
    gibbsmb · 27 6
  • Yes, in some ways. I certainly know a lot of US history and understand where the country stands.
    NPG Starlett · 31 6
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