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Cons, you say you want America to be great again, can you tell me what era America was great in your minds?

and can you tell me what the effective tax rate was on the rich during that era?
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  • It was great in the 50s and 60s. Taxes on everyone were lower because government wasn't as big and intrusive. Less bureaucracy to support, fewer regulations to stifle the economy, less welfare, etc.
    Jeffrey · 1 4
  • Democrats say Trump is a cheeto. but he isnt. It is jus a saying. And what does this era have to do with the tax rate on the rich? The saying is supposed to mean, lets get people jobs and stop letting people cheating the system for welfare. Can you tell me the meaning of Hillary's slogan? Or wait, do you not even remember is XD
    Anonymous! · 0 1
  • When we could unite as a country and see our own faults and work to improve the lot of every American.

    There have always been those that fight for the status quo and reject change even if it proves to be helpful over time.
    Rayal · 6 1
  • I ask people that when they say the want to MAGA. Most of them just aren't prepared for the question. They never thought about it! But most who can give a time will say the 50s and early 60s. I.e. before civil rights laws.

    To them it's more about racial equality than anything else. These are the people who whine that blacks and Hispanics are 'taking over', that Democrats want to institute Sharia Law, that women and gays want 'special rights'.

    They're not thinking about taxes but yes, those were the days of huge marginal tax rates, up to 90%. Nobody actually paid those rates. Those were the days when the GOP was the Party of Fiscal Responsibility, a title they abdicated with Reagan.

    Economically, the best times we've ever had in this country were times of sharply progressive taxation. Reagan said the rich should pay a lot less in taxes and everyone said 'Wow! Great idea!'. But for 40 years all Reaganomics has done is to concentrate wealth more and more. So now Ocasio-Cortez says 'You know what? Rich people should pay taxes like everyone else! Like they used to!' And everyone says 'OMG! She's a COMMUNIST!'
    Mr. Smartypants · 5 2
  • Everyone has a different idea of what era that might be, for me it means opportunity. And the effective tax rate on the "rich" (whatever that might mean) is not relevant. it is a concept, and a political movement, not that detailed time frame you seem to desire.
    vulcan_alex · 6 7
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