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I'd it possible to be racist towards white people?

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    Of course it's possible. It's a current trend. Even white people are racist towards other white people these days. Crazy world we live in.
    loulou199 · 1 0
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  • No according to any NON WHITE... ONLY WHITES CAN BE RACISTS... and just because it a white against black crime it is automatically called a HATE CRIME...
    retired old sarge · 1 0
  • you can be racist to anybody you want to as long as you keep it to your self
    Robin · 5 2
  • Yes, some people are, but it's worth keeping in mind the extra power of white racism is that in the US, at least, most of the power is in the hands of white people, so it's far more likely for a black person than a white person to run into a racist cop, judge, employer, business owner, etc. So, anti-white people are not generally in as strong a position to do harm as are people who are against minorities.
    Onlooker · 2 1
  • Not only possible but quite common.
    Justin Thyme · 3 0

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