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Is universal healthcare actually fiscally conservative?

Because it will cost less money to operate instead of how current healthcare? Isn't that better? We save money...
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    Yes, it is. Canada and the US have broadly similar economies, and about the same GDP *per capita*.

    Canada spends 11% of GDP on health, covers everyone, and the average Canadian OUTLIVES the average USian by 2.75 years. The US spends 17% of GDP on health, and DOESN'T cover everyone.

    Plus, the overhead cost of Canadian public health care is UNDER 1%, while th US recently had to pass a law to force HMOs to spend 80% of their $$$ income on actual care, which leaves 20% for overhead and for fattenning the CEO's pay packet.

    The US ranks at #37 in health care in the world, and NO OTHER country wants to switch to the US model. Because it SUCKS on every level.
    ANDRE L · 2 4
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  • No. Giving the government total control over another 1/6 of the economy is about a communist as you can get.
    Wesley · 2 6
  • but healthcare CEOs that make billions donate to Republican campaigns so we need them getting rich off of the sick, even if it means bankruptcy.
    J · 2 0
  • The Republicans responding to this post are delusional
    eevee · 4 10
  • NO!

    We don't save money. We spend all the money we spent before PLUS the money wasted to fund the Govt bureaucracy that get interjected into an already expensive system.
    Maxwell · 5 8

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