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Was this computer I picked up for free a scam?

I just picked up this pc for free from the Facebook market. The owner told me that it wouldn't power up and also bundled in some junk cables and a scanner for free as well. I looked at the pc and it seemed that the power button was broken and it fired right up. After looking at the specs, it turned out that it was a core i3 530 CPU and 8gb ddr3 memory. What concerning me is that my sister and her boyfriend are certain that it is a scam and that the pc was stolen. Do you think that this is the case? Incase you are wondering, the guy looked to be in his late 20s
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  • How can it be a scam if it is free? You got lucky. Just be careful that is does not have any malware installed.
    Vlar · 0 0
  • seems like a scam
    Adair · 4 0
  • If it was a scam, then it was you who scammed that guy out of his computer.

    Not on purpose, but who got the better deal here?
    YKhan · 1 0
  • I doubt anythins up - if it were stolen, only two real reasons 1.) They want it for themselves - no if they are getting rid of it. 2.) They want to get something out of it - no since it's free.
    However, any used PC I have ever had the FIRST thing I always have done (once it dose power up) is reformat or replace the hd, and install my own OS - you just never know what is on there....
    New World Man · 1 0
  • For years and years, ALL of my computers have been other peoples' discards, that I've either repaired or upgraded to make into decent machines.

    I think this guy just wanted to save himself a trip to the electronics recycling place.

    Congratulations on getting a nice machine for free.
    Joe · 2 5
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