Is it a scam?

I got this text message accusing me of watching child pornography. It said to give the person $500 or he/she would tell all my friends. The thing is that I am 13 and my number says it’s at a low risk for scams, but I have gotten shady telemarketing calls in the past. Another thing is that my phone is connected to my dads somehow. Should I be worried?
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  • It's a scam!
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  • Scam delete the text do not click on any links in the txt and if possible block the number for the txt sender. If you are 13 and not being doing things you should not have been doings with your phone - show it to you folks.
    TSM_908 · 1 1
  • sounds like a scann to nne, i would tell your parents about it
    Pearl L · 2 2
  • Just block it and forget about it
    parklola · 1 2

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