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I nearly got taken in by a Internet phone scam, what to do?

Some Indian woman phoned and said there was a problem with my BT broadband even though I didn't notice anything, I was forwarded to some guy, then under his instruction downloaded some weird programs and granted him remote access to my computer before my Dad and Mum got angry with the guy on the phone and I stopped it all, why did I let myself taken in with this scam? I later read other people had been scammed in the same way where they lost loads of money.
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    You fell for a tech support scam. These scams prey on people who usually don't know anything about computers/technology and use some scare tactics like "Your PC is sending us reports of viruses" or "You've been doing illegal things". They usually ask you to download a remote program like TeamViewer, LogMeIn, etc to remotely control your machine. These programs are legit and useful, but they can be used for scamming purposes as well. They try to sell you non-existent software and protection for a "nominal" fee of several hundreds of dollars.

    Run a good antivirus and anti-malware program to fully scan your PC and get rid of anything it finds.

    For future reference, if you ever get a call from Microsoft or some other tech company that claims that you have some problem on your computer, either hang up, or tell them to **** off and then hang up.

    If you're interested, you can see some scam baiting videos of people calling scammers and messing around with them. Lews's Tech is a good one I like: https://www.youtube.com/user/LewissTech/...
    Master Of Puppets · 1 0
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  • First of all, you never allow someone to take control of your computer unless you initiate the phone call for assistance. Hopefully you have backed up your personal files so you can do a system restore to hopefully eliminate something this person may have installed on your computer hard drive. It may be wise for you to contact a technician at a computer repair shop and have them take a look at your computer to see if this guy even got a chance to install something on your hard drive. They know what they're looking for that's out of the ordinary.
    Smokies Hiker · 1 1
  • Very simple. When you get a Phone Call talking about your computer - HANG UP.
    Bill-M · 1 0
  • Delete those programs from your computer and then install and run "malwarebytes", which is a free anti-malware application and also an anti-virus that you can purchase.
    choko_canyon · 3 0
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