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What's a good place to store our passwords?

Do u guys store your password anywhere (phone, computer, written down somewhere) or do you memorize it?

sometimes it's a bit hard to memorize all the websites that i subscribed to with all my different username and passwords
  • Answers
  • KeePass
    JohnMC · 0 1
  • I write my passwords down in a notebook.
    Smokies Hiker · 3 0
  • I write them down in my little black book. When I create an Account, I write down all the information for that account. User Name, password, Secret questions, Account number and so on. This little black book is kept in a very safe place in my home.
    The location of the Black book and the info contained in it are noted in my Will.
    As you get older (much older) and you pass on to the next life, The people who look after your things will need to know how to access your accounts.
    Example: Your Married and you do all the computer work. You die and your spouse is left stranded because she does not know how to pay the bills on line. BUT she has found your little Black Book. Problem solved.
    Bill-M · 0 0

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