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What happens when someone steals your identity?

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    It basically means that they have all of your personal information such as Social Security number, credit card numbers, drivers license number, address (past and present), mother's maiden name, employment information, etc... This allows them to fraudulently open up lines of credit in your name and buy whatever they can. Meanwhile you're getting the bills and the bad credit.
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  • Ruin your life.
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  • They can basically ruin your life permanantly
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  • The person that steals your identity, if caught, will be sent to prison - not jail. He/She can use your money, credit cards, etc. against you or to buy a thing and make you go into debt. If you cannot get into any of your credit cards, money, or loans, you could possibly be evicted. If the person is a harm/threat, report to the police immediately or you could be falsely accused.
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  • It's called identity theft
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