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Can you tell if this ipad is secretly recording?

My GF seemed suspicious when placing down her Ipad. I have a strange feeling she might be trying to secretly record a conversation im having with my parents while shes gone
  • Answers
  • No
    Political Commentator · 0 0
  • Either you're being paranoid OR she is doing some very long term planning ... how much you'll inherit and could she put up with you until she can divorce you and take half your inheritance.
    Vlar · 0 0
  • Yes,there are apps that record audio. One is called Voice Memos. If she is doing it w/o your knowledge or permission then it is a violation of the law and she could get into big trouble.
    Enigma · 0 0
  • Yeah she can install apps not saying she did but others might with a virus that’s everywhere online. Be sure to put tape on your webcams when not in use smartphones too those can be hacked as well in case you didn’t know.
    Kittysue · 0 0
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