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Atheists, can you prove that god DOESN'T exist?

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  • Theists, can U prove that god does exist?
    Jeffrey · 0 0
  • They can prove that God does not exist just as much as we can prove that God exists.

    That's why it's called "Faith."
    thegreatone · 1 0
  • First, you can't PROVE anything outside of mathematics.

    If you want to prove that something doesn't exist, you have to use abductive reasoning. You need to show that things would look a certain way if something was absent.

    Example: Suppose there was an invisible, intangible elephant in the room. Could you provide evidence the elephant doesn't exist? If you can't see or touch the elephant, can you smell it? Can you hear it? If the answer is no for both of those, then there's a higher probability that the elephant doesn't exist.

    Relating that to (the monotheist) God, what can an atheist show? Start with the most basic of things. The laws of logic. Logic requires X to get X. So, an atheist believes that intelligence evolved from an absence of intelligence. So they're saying from nothing evolved something. This is illogical. You need Intelligence to get intelligence. For intelligence to emerge, you must have a source of intelligence. This would be the "cosmic brain" that atheists will propose, but ultimately it's an escape used to avoid admitting God.
    A Nonny Mouse · 1 1
  • Yes, depending upon the definition. If God made the universe and everything in it, such a being would have to be Omniscient in order to know all the laws of said universe and material, etc... so that the specific material can be galvanized into action according to the beings plan. This being also needs to be Omnipotent in order to actually arrange said material into its place in the plan. Here is the problem, if the being is Omniscient then it knows all things, not just things that currently exist or how things might hypothetically turn out but how they will turn out. If God is omnipotent then he has all power, he can change all things. Nothing is immune from his might. If he is omniscient then he knows how things will turn out, then he cannot change the future state that he already knows will occur in said manner. If God knows the future as it really is then he is impotent to change it and cannot be omnipotent. These two characteristics cannot be in the same being at the same time as they contradict each other.

    You cannot get out of it by saying that he can do these unless they contradict each other. They do contradict each other and so one or both must be entirely removed from the equation. God is a married Bachelor.
    Dane · 3 0

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