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What does antivirus software do?

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  • antivirus software can prevent your computer from getting infected with virus ,even your property ,you know that some Phishing website will trick you into giving false information ,and antivirus software can block these websites ,besides ,even if your files is encrypted,some hacker still can hack into your computer and steal your identity ,though we have advanced encryption technology ,many malware can penetrate your computer ,so antivirus software is necessary for all computer
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  • Filters internet activity coming to your computer and sifts out all the bad stuff to keep it from getting a virus.
    dca32 · 0 2
  • Antivirus software was originally developed to detect and remove computer viruses
    Fahim · 0 0
  • Protect your PC. But you should use Norton, it’s the best antivirus for your laptop/computer.
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