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Whats the best antivirus for windows 10?

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    Hello and thank you for your question!

    This is a tricky question because answers will differ depending on opinion and what kind of security you need.
    Basic security is already pre-installed on all Windows 10 PCs via Windows Defender. Windows Defender has gotten a lot better over the years and is updated monthly by Microsoft to include more and more security definitions (this is what lets the AV program know the difference between harmless files and malware!)

    If you're looking for more comprehensive protection it'll cost you, both financially and performance-wise.
    This is when people start to compare AV providers depending on how active it is in the background vs how much protection it offers. The most protective AVs usually hog the most resources (This is not always the case, most bad AVs hog resources while not protecting much).

    I would look into how much protection you NEED and base your choices on that. As far as my opinion(Not GeekSquad/Best Buy), I generally use Bitdefender or Webroot as my AntiVirus and Malwarebytes as AntiMalware. There is a difference between Anti Virus and Anti Malware and it's good practice to have both! Sorry that I couldn't name drop one "Stop All" best AV, unfortunately it's not that simple and I hope my answer helped demystify AVs enough to help you make the right choice in protecting your data!

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  • I use ESET Smart Securty for years.
    Alexandra · 0 0
  • KasperskyAnti-Virus
    Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019
    Norton Security Premium
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  • One that doesn’t use a lot of resources to slow it down, check with compusa
    vic · 2 0
  • Norton Security Suite !!!
    Dick · 0 0
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