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My dog bit a friends child today...PLEASE help I am desperate?

My best friend was over at my house today and our son's were playing in my child’s room, (our dog was in there first and they followed her in). After about 5 minutes of them being in there we heard a growl and then a second later a snapping sound and then her son screamed. Mine was still playing when we ran in the room and only then did he cry because we scared him by accident. He was obviously not alarmed by what happened just the aftermath. But her son had been bitten on the eye area- one tiny puncture wound from looks like a single tooth and just redness around the rest of his eye. We immediately cleaned the wound and calmed him down. I put my dog in our bedroom locked in our large closet for the time being. She doesn’t want to press charges or anything or even call animal control for any reason, but what I am struggling with is should WE get rid of the dog? I know that he was more than likely (almost completely positive about this, even though I did not see it happening) doing something mean to her that provoked her- but it could happen again right? Or could it have just been an isolated incident? Here’s some background on the situation:
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  • Just keep the dog segregated when children visit. You admit you knew this child was "mildly aggressive" with the dog. Whatever that means. The dog should not have been alone with the children given this knowledge.
    GEEGEE · 0 0
  • Can you not place the dumb dog in a pet taxi when you get company. Also, breaking news, dogs have been known to kill babies and kids.
    clayton · 2 0
  • We have a tendency to get complacent and make stupid mistakes, don't beat yourself up any more than the people on here have beaten you. Learn from it and never leave young children u nsuperviced with a dog. Just put the dog away when children come out. Simple,
    Claudia · 0 1
  • If you're going to be horrible pet owners that leave little kids alone with your dog then ABSOLUTELY give this dog up to a no-kill shelter. But TELL THEM what happened so this dog doesn't end up in another house with little kids. How the hell can we know whether or not this dog will do this again???

    Why the hell weren't you watching the children? No way this dog just bit him unprovoked. The child was probably pulling its tail, ears, hit it, leaned on it, climbed on it, etc. Shame on you for being such a horrible mom and pet owner!

    edit: you said "My friend's son is 22 months old and has always been mildly aggressive towards our dog by pulling on her toes and stabbing her in the eyes and trying to ride her, not to mention throwing stuff at her and so on." So why the F*** why did you leave this kid with your dog unsupervised????
    Love my Newf · 9 0
  • When children get bit I always wonder what the child did to the dog to trigger a bite.

    I would keep the dog & have no second thoughts about it. The child that was bit may not know how to treat animals & got too rough with the dog. I always blame the child. Cause this is not the dogs normal behavior.
    bluebonnetgranny · 15 0

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