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Were the WWII generation better educated than nowadays?

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    They had a lot more common sense than people do today. And though many didn't have a diploma, pound for pound, they were far brighter than the average person living now. The education system in many countries focuses on rote memorisation of "facts", not critical thinking. And it's primarily designed to prepare young people to enter a society that's strikingly different from the one people lived in 80 years ago. More importantly, people were less selfish and self-centered back then. Those people living 80 years ago were our betters in nearly every regard. The average bloke born in 1919 would undoubtedly be able to put the average person born in 1999 right through a wall if the situation were to call for it, likely without even breaking a sweat.
    Andrew · 1 0
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  • Skull
    Cousin · 1 0
  • There is really no way to determine this. No matter when a person is born - they think they are better than anyone else. However, during WWII, people loved school and to learn - now.....not so much.
    Linda · 0 0
  • That depends on which part of the world you are asking about.
    John P · 4 1
  • Elementary education, yes. Secondary education, technically not. But the usefulness of higher education over the last 30-40 years is severely in question. It is more indoctrination in leftist-Marxist ideology than ever.
    curtisports2 · 6 3
  • Yes, particularly in grade school and in high school.
    regerugged · 2 2
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