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Question about the moon.?

When the first man landed on the moon why didn't he just take a selfie to prove he was there?
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  • In fact one selfie had been taken that day.

    Armstrong shot most of the photos with his spacesuit mounted cam. So there are hundreds of photos of Aldrin
    In only one photographer Armstrong can be seen in Aldrin's Helmet visor reflection.
    In this iconic image, you can see Aldrin, and in his helmet, Armstrong, Armstrong's shadow, the LEM and the flag!

    Both admitted that was not stagged, just a lucky shot
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  • The ridiculous craze and narcissism of taking a photograph of yourself had not started at that time. The astronauts did, however, take photographs of each other.

    If you do not believe all the other evidence a selfie would make no difference. If you do not accept evidence you do not accept it. Clearly you have not given much thought to the many great difficulties of faking Moon landings.
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  • I suspect that had the Apollo 13 accident happened today , whilst one astronaut fought to save them , the other two would have simply sat there filming him for YouTube.
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  • Why would you take a selfie when there's another astronaut to take photos? And there was.
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