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Why won’t my bathroom sink drain but everything else in the house drains fine?

Cape style one bathroom first floor. Only the bathroom sinks doesn’t drain. We haven’t used it in a few weeks because we don’t have the money to hire a plumber. Unscrewed from the bottom of p trap and nothing but dark sandy gritty smelly **** came out. Any advice please
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  • try a shop vac on high suck on the drain,might help to use a plastic bag for sealing the drain while the sucker sucks,
    or try some enzyme base drain cleaner,it breaks down cellulose & food into liquid,takes about a day or 2 after putting a tbsp down the drain with a cup of water
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  • Try using a plunger to unclog it. If that doesn't work try putting a water hose in the drain, sealing up around the hose with a cloth, and then turning on the water hose, that will only work if you have good water pressure.
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  • If you have one of those chrome plunger type stoppers, you have to crawl under where the P trap is and disconnect the lever from the pipe. It is normally a screw on cap so it releases the mechanism from pulling down the chrome plug at the top.
    (I am saying this from memory so while the wording is not 100% you know what I am talking about.)
    .Once you can lift up the cap, stick your finger down the drain and it will go down to the second joint of the finger and be stopped by a 'X' cross.
    Now with your finger (which I hope is long and slender) drag the fingernail across one of the legs of the CROSS and then drag the imaginary gumbo up the side of the drain pipe into the sink. You will find much hair and soap and toothpaste jell. Do it twice if you must, JUST DO IT.
    Then do the same thing to the other leg of the cross and drag out the stuff into the sink. If anything you can see down the drain an see the sometimes chrome cross. The stuff you dragged out put into a wastepaper basket...as it is just hair,soap, toothpaste, spit, and that is about it. So it is safe.
    . Now reassemble the stopper and when completed, then you can run the water. A large amount of HOT water, like let it run for 5 minutes on fast so that the water goes down the drain.
    . That jell gumbo is in the pipes because you are not flushing the pipes either to wash the stuff into the sewer lines. So it just builds up in the pipe and the drain pipe gets smaller and smaller on TOP OF THE HAIR BLOCKAGE. Use more water...and the pipes never have this problem. The hair thing happens especially is you wash your hair in the sink. Even if you don't, some does fall in because the sink is usually under a mirror and most people have a brush right there to make pretty...and you lose the odd hairs. Mind you it will take a long time before this incident occurs again because

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  • Ok. I tried snake and drain cleaner in the past and gave up cause of money issues hiring someone. Looking for more. I do appreciate the help
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