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After I hung up on the microsoft support engineer, I lost over $1,200+?

ok so recently i was talking to microsoft support there was a big problem with my computer and they got it fixed i was talking to a certified engineer and he installed anti virus and i had to pay for the anti virus so i put in my credit card details and paid for it it was $50 for a year that was ok

i do not know the pricing for anti virus is it good

i think 50 is good for protecting my computer

so after i put my details in 50 dollars gets taken out of my credit card and my membership for the anti virus gets activated but 7 hours after i hung up on the microsoft certified engineer (he was really nice!! :) )

my credit card started getting massive charges getting taken out of it such as $800 and $400 and $1250 and i blocked my card as soon as i found that out and i have no clue what could have happened i didnt scan my computer with the anti virus maybe it would of found like 500 viruses 9thats a lot of viruses yes so i didnt scan my computer with the antivirus the engineer gave me and maybe a computer hacker stole my card info????????? please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Report the phone number to police
    Kostis · 2 1
  • You were talking to a scammer. Notify your credit card, file a police report. Since the chances are there ot in the US just mark it down as tuition to the school of hard knocks.

    Chances are they installed something malicious on your computer, take it to the shop and get if fixed and keep a chose eye on your credit report..
    oklatom · 0 0
  • Not a real Microsoft Engineer.

    1) Microsoft doesn't have their engineers run phones.

    2) Microsoft does not take credit card data over phones.

    3) As far as I know Microsoft has nothing to do with antivirus software, they do not sell it, most Antivirus software is free.
    jenna · 2 0
  • You were scammed.
    thegreatone · 5 0
  • That engineer was fake
    william · 6 0