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Is a 14 year old aloud to be a fryer at McDonald's?

I've recently been employed at a McDonald's in Australia. I've done two shifts so far and both of those times I've been frying.

I'm starting to find it really stressful sometimes because there's so many things I need to do at once, and sometimes if something needs to be done like if I need to fry 3 bags of nuggets and my manager needs me to fry apple pies as well, which one do I do first? I don't wanna make my manager wait.

Am I aloud to be a cashier? That's what I was hoping I would get because my friend who is also 14 works at KFC and is a cashier at the front.

Should I tell my manager that I'm finding it stressful and I'd like to be a cashier?

Please help.


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    I live in Australia and also work at Mcdonalds. We have a system, boys work in the kitchen and girls work at counter and drive through. It's just easier, that way we don't have to hassle the girls to wear hairnets because guys just wear hats. To work you have to be 14 and 9 months. I wouldn't recommend talking to your manager so early on as they could deem you unfit for the job. Maybe book a meeting with your manager and just ask politely if you could work up front or at a different station. Try not to make a big deal out of it though.
    Zoe · 0 0
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  • You seem to young then to be working
    D C · 0 0
  • No! You need your parents permission and now most companies won’t allow people under 18 work because of insurance reasons.
    The Lord Humungus. · 0 2
  • Angus? LOLOLOL awesome name dude!
    Allison · 1 0
  • Not allowed. You should be 16 and be able to speak proper English.
    YYYZZ 2 · 0 1
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