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Is a 14 year old aloud to be a fryer at McDonald's?

I've recently been employed at a McDonald's in Australia. I've done two shifts so far and both of those times I've been frying.

I'm starting to find it really stressful sometimes because there's so many things I need to do at once, and sometimes if something needs to be done like if I need to fry 3 bags of nuggets and my manager needs me to fry apple pies as well, which one do I do first? I don't wanna make my manager wait.

Am I aloud to be a cashier? That's what I was hoping I would get because my friend who is also 14 works at KFC and is a cashier at the front.

Should I tell my manager that I'm finding it stressful and I'd like to be a cashier?

Please help.


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  • you have to 15 in the half to work
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  • Vuvuvuv
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  • Not allowed. You should be 16 and be able to speak proper English.
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