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Is losing 25 pounds in 100 days possible?

I mean in a healthy way
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    Yes. That would be about 1.9 pounds a week. Its recommended you aim for 1-2 pounds a week. Eat healthy, count calories and exercise.
    ashley · 0 0
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  • Yep its a very attainable and not unreasonable unlike some ppl who wanna lose it in one day. Congratulations for having realistic goals and have fun with your fitness journey!
    ashley · 0 0
  • Nope.

    You're not allowed to be any other race than white, not allowed to be over 50, not allowed to be wealthy, and you are definitely not allowed to have a good looking body.
    James · 0 0
  • More then possible
    aidansos · 0 0
  • It is! Healthy eating and exercise can do this for you. However, remember to stay hydrated.
    Janine · 2 4
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