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Hw do I find a person from the past?

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  • There are "paid services" that use data banks to trace a name and former address you enter. These really can be successful in finding a person you've lost track of, but like I said, you do have to pay for these services. They aren't really expensive, and I've used one years ago to find a friend who had moved around a couple of times. Just google it to find a list of available services.
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  • try social media if you have any family or friends on there.
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  • Depends on how long it's been.
    Try Facebook
    Did you have any friends in common? Ask them?
    Do the parents live in the same town or house?
    Did the person have brothers or sisters? Are they still in town?
    Teachers in common? Ask them?
    If they're older, there were these "Yearbook" websites we used to use, before Facebook was popular.
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  • by praying
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