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Does time really exist?

its just something scientists created based on the movement of planets and stars, just a theory really
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  • Time is just Nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once.
    Lorenzo Steed · 1 0
  • Time is how we measure the passing of events. Even if we did not measure the passing of events, there would still be a sequence that would occur. Hence, time would exist whether we recognize it or not.
    red2queen · 0 0
  • Einstein discovered that time runs slower for moving frames of reference, but nobody expected that. Nobody made that up. So time must have some reality in nature. It isn't all a manmade concept.
    Jeffrey K · 4 0
  • Yes. While the system of measuring (seconds, etc) are a creation of humans. time existed before any humans. And it will continue to exist after all humans are gone.
    Space-time is the structure of the universe. Can only have existence in our universe if there is both space and time. Before the Big Bang, there was no space, only an unknown length of time. After, there was both as a unit. Space expanded, time continued.
    Starrysky · 0 0