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What was the Number 1 reason that Hillary Clinton did not win the Presidency? Please state facts, not opinions nor rumors. Thanks.?

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  • She wasn´t populist, not populist rhetoric. Status quo
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  • Hillary Clinton is the No. 1 reason that Hillary Clinton did not win the presidency.

    1. People who grew up in the Clinton era remember her full well. There's not a chance in hell that those of us who didn't like her then are going to suddenly switch up and like her today.

    2. She was a lousy candidate who most definitely took the electorate for granted. She didn't even campaign in Michigan. She figured it was a lock so she alienated her own constituency, which people really don't like.

    3. She had many, many scandals that most people were not going to look past. She can *say* that Benghazi was all about a stupid YouTube video that virtually nobody saw, but that's not reality. She had the chance to rescue our men there but didn't. She was the one responsible for Benghazi all day, every day. Then she had the filmmaker arrested and perp-walked for what exactly? Exercising his right to free speech? She publicly called the families of the fallen in Benghazi liars, which also doesn't bode well in the minds of the average citizen.

    She had many debacles as Secretary of State, like Libya, like the Arab Spring. Like the "reset button" with Russia. How about the Uranium One deal? How do you give 20% of our Uranium to a regime that is hostile to us; i.e., Russia? Oh, I know. She got $145 million "donated" by Russia to the Clinton Foundation.

    How about insulting half of America by calling us deplorables? I mean she wants my vote but she's insulting me and calling me names? Yeah, that makes me want to run out and vote for her. She never could have won with only Democrat votes. She needed an awful lot of "deplorables" to vote for her. She didn't seek our vote, she insulted us.

    Let's not forget about the email scandal. How do you, as Secretary of State, manage to get yourself a private server, Yahoo email addresses, with a private server in the bathroom of a mom & pop shop in Denver and NOT pay a price for that. What is it people said? "Questionable judgment." Having a private server in someone's bathroom is certainly questionable judgment. How can she manage a country when she can't even manage herself, or keep the most basic of rules? She didn't take National Security too seriously. It is proven that her emails and servers were hacked by foreign governments. She showed "questionable judgment" a lot.

    Something that has always bothered me about this email/server thing. During Obama's term he was going to Uganda, I think it was. Somehow people on the ground in that country got hold of his flight path. Very dangerous to the safety and security of POTUS. It was a serious enough breach of security that they had to change his flight path. And yet, someone had that new information too. There're very few people who would have access to information like that, and Secretary of State is one of those people Do I think she gave that information away? No. But if it was on her computer, which it would have been, and it was hacked, she herself put the life of the POTUS in grave danger. It is just speculation on my part, but it's something that's bothered me about that whole flight path thing since the day it happened.

    Her whole campaign was a sham. I mean there's three other guys running with her in the very beginning before Bernie got there, and they just sort of washed away. It smacked of "you men stand next to me and fail to make me look better" kind of thing. Now maybe that's just me not liking her, but there were many people who were much stronger candidates than the three who were up there, which made them look like straw men even more.

    Then Bernie got there and gave her a real run for her money. And the DNC gutted Bernie and threw all its weight behind her, alienating millions of Bernie supporters. She wanted to be POTUS so much that she just didn't play fair. People saw that and didn't like it.

    Bottom line, Hillary isn't POTUS because of Hillary, things she said and did. Oh, yeah, like some of the emails that got hacked and disseminated. Blame "the Russians" for putting what was said out there, but don't blame me for actually saying it. Right, right, right. Donna Brazile gave her a heads up on debate questions, too, which people also didn't like. Shows she's not honest, not fair, cheated because she had time to prepare, and still couldn't beat Trump on the answer of the question, or the debate.

    No. 1 reason Hillary Clinton isn't POTUS is Hillary Clinton.
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  • Trump got more votes in the Electoral College than her.
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  • cause trunnp got nnore votes
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  • -She was this guy's Secretary of State.
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