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Poll: did you weigh yourself this moring?

  • Answers
  • I do every morning. And in midday. And twice in the evening.
    rachel · 0 0
  • yes
    Susan · 0 0
  • I only weigh myself 2 times a month.
    iateapeanut · 0 0
  • I do have a digital scale in the bathroom, n the best time to weigh yourself IS in the morning* but I don't weigh myself everyday* I feel this isn't necessary to always be focussing on the NUMBER*.......i find it more rewarding to feel the difference in my clothes* :) Eating healthy, exercising...n living life :)...but to answer ur question, NO i didn't weight myself This morning* I may do tmow morning tho lol
    friskymisty01 · 0 0

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