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Why has socialism become trendy among the democratic party?

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    Because the democrats don't understand what Socialism is. They think that all socialism is is the use of taxes for government services. The democrats don't realize that socialism is the take over of production from what would have been provided by private organizations, often said take over are done violently. They think public schools is socialism when it would only be socialism if it was illegal to have public schools or home schooling. The presence of competition is one of the factors that make it not socialism.
    Necoo · 1 0
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  • Socialism is no more trendy now than it was 50 years ago
    sirjester099 · 1 0
  • Trump and the anachronistic/Paleolithic/no longer societally relevant GOP can take a bow for that one. The gap between the rich and the poor is worse than it’s ever been and the majority of Americans cannot survive anymore and they don’t care what you call it, “socialism” or anything else.....they just want a change., tired of watching their families suffer because they weren’t born wealthy, and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to achieve that status. The ‘50s are over.......
    americathebrutalful · 6 5
    faggy · 10 2
  • Because this generation doesn’t know anything about socialism. Everything sounds good to them but in all reality socialism will not work in America
    None ya · 20 9
  • They wish to exterminate millions of people again, they cycle through this phase pretty regularly. The last time was ww2.
    Robert · 5 17

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