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What are some old traditional things kids did for fun?

Excluding access to electricity
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  • In Victorian times bowling hoops was very popular Agatha Christie wrote in her autobiography: "Thinking over what gave me most pleasure in my childhood, I should be inclined to place first and foremost, my hoop. My hoop was in turn to me a horse, a sea monster, and a railway train, Beating my hoop round the garden paths, I was a knight in armour on a quest, a lady of the court exercising my white palfrey, Clover (one of her imaginary friends) escaping from imprisonment - or, less romantically I was engine driver, guard, or passenger, on three railways of my own devising."
    Ball games of course were popular, and children played with tops, marbles,skipping ropes, and games like hide and seek, tag, blind man's buff etc. Board games and card games were popular too.
    Louise C · 2 1
  • We played jacks, mostly indoors because the floor was smoother, but outside we played marbles. Outside we also jumped rope and played hopscotch & Red Rover.
    When we were all dressed for church, waiting for our parents to be ready, we played, "Button, button, who's got the button?"
    Little Ms Sunshine · 2 0
  • Guessing games, ball games, tag, checkers, cooking, reading, exploring, visiting.
    Richard D · 2 0
  • Played wiffle ball, kick ball, basketball, rode bikes, went swimming, played ping pong, played numerous board and card games, climbed trees, hiked in the woods. Built snowmen, snow forts, had snowball battles, went slide riding, ice skating.... I'm exhausted, I'm taking a nap.
    Louie O · 3 0

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