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EFS why are we more divided than the US government?

We are all football fans aren’t we?
We got this side
[Ezio, Pulister, OBA, Ryan, Danish Dynamite, Wossy, John, Callum]
Against this side
[King Cristiano, Nabinho, Josh B, SOlnado, PSG, Kristian, LFC Danny]

Then everyone else is neutral oh and Scottish trolls go away and leave Dave the peacekeeper in peace.
  • Answers
  • It's a real fecked up bunch of misfits eh?, jus like the dirty dozen or somthing simlar, oh and i include myself in that analogy btw, way better than a bunch of totally predictable robots though
    Hombre Sin Nombre AKA Oggmeista · 2 1
  • I don't care about sides, anyone who think Pep is a failure knows nothing about football and should be shunned and ignored, that statement should really disqualify you from any serious discussion on football.
    Josh B · 4 4
  • The first team is just boring charisma vacuums, lmao
    PSG · 1 1
  • why am I classed here lol? i'm as neutral as they come, just wish this sh/t would stop already. same with DD, haven't seem him for a while, probably because he doesn't want to catch autism from all this sh/t
    and who is callum lol?
    John · 3 1
  • It’s technically that group of me Ezio Ryan Pulister wossy DD etc against Nabinho, Queen Cristiano and all their multi’s.
    OBA · 3 3