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Why can't atheists prove God is not real?

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  • We don't have to prove god is nor real. We just say that we do not believe in any god. WE do not have to prove anything.
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  • It's impossible to prove a negative. For example, pick any galaxy in the night sky. I could tell you that on one of the moons orbiting one of the planets orbiting one of the stars in that galaxy is an exact replica of the very first McDonald's. You would naturally claim I'm full of sh!t, so my response is, "Prove me wrong." No matter what you argue against it, you can never show that there is in fact not a replica McDonald's somewhere in that galaxy because you can't travel there, you can't explore every solar system, and you can't examine every square foot of surface on every moon within every solar system. Without being able to do that, you can never provide proof that it is not there.

    That is why nobody can prove a god is not real, because by supposedly existing outside of all space, time, and reality that we experience and are bound within, it's impossible for anyone to explore anywhere outside those bounds (or beyond the distance of the cosmic microwave background radiation, the farthest distance humanity can observe out into space), therefore it's impossible to say for an absolute fact that no god exists. However, the inability to say such a thing for a fact does not then mean the opposite must be true and that a god must exist. The burden of proof is still on the religious person making the claim that a god exists, just as the burden of proof would be on me to prove that a replica McDonald's exists elsewhere in the universe. And in the absence of being able to provide any such evidence, just as you would say I'm full of sh!t for making such a claim, religious people are full of sh!t for making claims about the existence of a god when they have no reliable, verifiable evidence to provide.
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  • For the same reason theist cannot prove that he is.
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  • At this point, I must assume that someone is collecting portraits of me.
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