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Should I upgrade my entire pc? Gaming build?

I have a gaming pc about 6 years old. i7 4770, 8gb ddr3, 550w psu, 1T ssd. Its significantly slower now and things are breaking. My GPU broke a few weeks back and i replaced it with a gtx1070ti. What are parts I can reuse, maybe the proccessor? Could you suggest new parts for a affordable build since I have the new gpu. If I need to get a new processor than Im leaning toward ryzen.
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  • Yo, your pc is like twice as good as mine and mine games pretty decently. Dude you’re good for another 5 years
    nathan · 1 0
  • Keep using, Upgradation is not requirement here.
    ocean · 0 0
  • Nah, keep using it. The gaming computers in 2019 are much more expensive than the ones in 2013.
    metroMAN · 1 0
  • I'd re-use it all, as long as it's running what you need.
    That i7 should be plenty to run most games, it's cores are still faster than the newest Ryzen CPUs.
    Most games should be okay with 8 GB, except for a handful of very new ones.

    I'd just put the new card in, clean out the dust, and check the system's temperatures. If those are normal, then check in Task Manager to see if anything is maxing out. Click "More Details, then click the processes tab and look for programs that are using high amounts of RAM or using the CPU or Hard Drive when things are supposed to be idle. Usually you can find fixes for anything that does.

    After you clean up those issues, if you aren't getting 60 FPS in games, again, check Task Manager while playing the game. If the GPU or RAM are the ones maxing out, then that's what needs upgraded next. If they aren't, and the temperatures are still good, then you probably need to replace the motherboard/CPU/RAM. It's a little harder to tell if a CPU is maxing out unless you know how many cores a game can use. If it's only "single threaded" it will max out the CPU at 25% usage. Some games only use 2-3 cores, and some of the modern ones are able to use 4+ cores.
    Fulano · 2 1
  • "Its significantly slower now " is an operator problem. Computers don't get slower with age. They get slower because the storage drive is too full or too many "things" are running in the background.
    geek-in-training · 2 0