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Why won't trump show his taxes. what is he hiding?

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    Considering his unmitigated in-your-face corruption , his public admission of obstruction of justice , immoral abuse of power and absolute absence of any credibility , one must conclude that whatever is being hidden in his tax reporting must be nothing short of utter destruction of his narcissistic and tyrannical agenda.
    Skyseeker1 · 2 0
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  • He would be a damn fool to allow the likes of Pelosi and Schumer to pick them apart and put them back together to prove THEIR agenda. Honestly I doubt the normal go to H & R Block prepares my returns person would even know what the hell they are seeing that unknowing also includes the afore mentioned two damn idiots!
    Mike · 2 0
  • I think he used some tax loop holes witch everyone with his wealth does and it’s not illegal, but the media would have a field day
    matthew · 6 1
  • There's a few reasons I suspect. One is he's not paying taxes period and/or dodging them and that's a felony. Two is he's not worth nearly as much as he says he is and he doesn't want people to know how much he's a actually worth. Three is his ego. He believes what he does is nobody's business. That's my guess on all that though.
    Alex · 9 8
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