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How did Hitler die in Argentina?

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  • He died in BERLIN not Argentina. Your just a stupid idiot and probably Just as Insane as Hitler was.
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  • Remember the USA and the Vatican Helped 10,000 top NAZIs escape to South America 1945/46

    as of 2009 No proof that Hitler Died in the Bunker but there are since the collapse of the USSR statements that Hitler and Eva were alive on the First of May have emerged from some of the Original so called Witnesses

    read on

    Different versions of Hitler's fate were presented by the Soviet Union according to its political desires. The Soviets maintained Hitler was not dead, but had fled and was being shielded by former western allies. This worked for a time to cause western authorities some doubt. The chief of the U.S. trial counsel at Nuremberg, Thomas J. Dodd, said: "No one can say he is dead." When President Truman asked Stalin at the Potsdam Conference in August 1945 whether or not Hitler was dead, Stalin replied bluntly, "No". However, by 11 May 1945, the Soviets had already had Hitler's dentist, Hugo Blaschke, and his dental technician confirm the dental remains found were Hitler's and Braun's.

    In November 1945, Dick White, then head of counter-intelligence in the British sector of Berlin (and later head of MI5 and MI6 in succession), had their agent, Hugh Trevor-Roper, investigate the matter to counter the Soviet claims. and Hitlers file is still marked "Hitlers Location Unknown"

    Kempka also stated that he was now certain that Hitler had been cremated on 30th April 1945, and added the claim that the wind had blown Eva's dress, exposing her garters. However, in this respect, Dr Kunz's evidence seems to heavily contradict Kempka - Eva Hitler could not possibly have been cremated on 30th April because Dr Kunz spoke with her on the same night. What's more, on this occasion Eva told Dr Kunz that Adolf Hitler was still alive. Therefore, if Kempka saw any cremation at all on 30th April, the bodies he witnessed being burned were not those of Adolf and Eva Hitler.

    Dr Kunz explicitly affirmed seeing Eva Hitler alive on at least two occasions on the evening of 30th April. Kunz told the Soviets he had seen Eva playing with the Goebbels children on that evening and that a little later, between 10 and 11pm, he, Professor Werner Haase and two of Hitler's secretaries had joined her for coffee. On this occasion, Eva told Kunz that Hitler was not yet dead but he "would die when he received confirmation that his will had reached the person it had been sent to". It's hard to imagine that Kunz could have been confused about the date...OR that in the circumstances he could have mistaken Eva Hitler for someone else or that Eva did not actually know whether Hitler was yet dead or not. Since Hitler's will never reached its intended recipient(s), it is entirely plausible that Hitler would not have decided to die until the last possible moment we "know" about - 6.30 pm on 1 May!

    The third Western Allied "eyewitness account account, given to US interrogators by Erich Mansfeld on 30th July 1945 - which referred to a cremation on either the 26th or 27th April - establishes beyond doubt that there were numerous cremations in the Chancellery garden and that at least some of the eyewitnesses could easily have been mistaken when they asserted that they had witnessed Hitler's cremation! In fact, the first such cremation was observed by Mansfeld while he was on guard duty on the afternoon of 27th April. His statement concludes concludes - "Subject claims there is a possibility these events took place on the 26th instead of the 27th, but is positive it was not later than the 27th of April 1945"

    Therefore the earliest six eyewitness accounts - effectively, the only reliable accounts we have - hint that there were SEVERAL cremations of corpses, which were assumed by observers to be those of Adolf Hitler and Eva Hitler, took place in the Chancellery garden SOME TIME between 26th or 30th April,

    1/ In each case, the male body wore a pair of Hitler's trousers.

    2/ In each case, also, the male body was accompanied by a female who bore a convincing resemblance to Eva Hitler.

    according to the witnesses Hitler and Eva were cremated On the 26 27 28 29 30 April or was it 1

    The strange thing is what THEN happened. Kempka made a SECOND statement once he was told about Karnau's (which he didn't know was corroborated by Kunz) He made it on the 2nd of July, and said that Karnau MUST have been mistaken, for the body was definitely covered, and that Karnau must have witnessed some OTHER two bodies being burned! Strange, that....for we ALREADY have a major time discrepancy about events, and a possible second set of cremations, courtesy of Mengerhausen, Günsche and Rattenhuber!!! However, Karnau is corroborated unexpectly by Kunz, so if ANYONE in this tale saw a second, spurious cremation - it was Kempka.

    which leaves us only One question where is Hitlers and Eva's Body it was never found in Berlin in 1945
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  • No, he and Elvis run a Starbucks store in Buenos Aires
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  • Old age.
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