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Daily question: is Taco Bell better than McDonald's?

  • Answers
  • McDonald's because Taco Bell isn't actually Mexican food.
    Mike · 1 0
  • Potato grillers and cheesy gordita crunches say enough that taco Bell is better
    Max · 0 0
  • for me any place that passes the health inspection is better than Taco Bell but KFC is the only YUM Pepsi restaurant that I sometimes go to.
    Odd not Taco Bell vs Del Taco or el Pollo Loco
    chorle · 0 1
  • This is a hard comparison to make since one serves Mexican American food-tacos,burritos etc and the other serves hamburgers & french fries, but if I had to pick, I would go with Taco Bell, but not so much because there food is good but because McDonald's food is terrible.
    Bob · 0 0
  • I couldn't say yes to either, they both are terrible IMO, I would find a can of soup in my pantry or an old chicken leg in my fridge before I would even consider either one of them - YUK!!!
    SW-6 · 0 1
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