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How, exactly, is trying to prevent people from being harmed by global warming - anti human? - anti freedom?

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    to prevent people from being "harmed" by global warming- harming is anti human..
    As for anti freedom, you are continuing to be a SLAVE to BIG OIL..so giving up you rights for developing an alternative to oil.

    We are not certain what will happen with global warming and it is better to be prepared for the worst and hope it does not happen that way. As Big Oil supplies fertilizer to the farms, so they control the prices. If a warming does occur, the weather will change and areas that used to get yearly rainfalls at the right time of the year may turn into deserts. That is the breadbasket area of the U.S....the midlands so growing crops become nonexistent. California will be hotter than it is now so much of that will become unusable land. We still need food. The whole world is affected and right now we just barely can feed everybody. Have you been in a desert? Lots of sun and no water. Or vice versa . Too much rain and no sun. Lands that have been growing food for centuries now are unusable and maybe new farm land has to be in the mountains.? Or in the ocean because that is where the rain is falling at the right time of the year.? Or there are double the hurricanes the U.S, normally gets in a year and they are double the strength. There are going to be rapid changes as computer modeling can show us. We have a dozen years to change how we do things...because there is no other rock in orbit that is the right distance from the sun to have life. We are stuck on this one.
    . It is not impossible to fix. Big oil just wants to sell oil until year 13. They don't care. It is time for INVENTIONS THAT ACTUALLY WORK. New Billionaires can be made.
    westville sal · 1 5
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  • It isn't.
    westville sal · 1 5
  • Socialists are necessarily anti-human and anti-freedom. They tend to deny it but history and reality aren't their friends. AGW is all about attacking capitalism by exaggerating the threat from CO2. Being fooled by those exaggerations isn't going to keep people from being harmed by global warming. It will simply make it easier for those wishing to take our freedom and prosperity away from us in the name of saving us. It is an old scam that always seems to work on the gullible among us.
    JimZ · 3 2
  • It isn't! That is a lie spread by greedy Capitalists.
    JonZ · 4 7
  • YB Logical · 4 5
  • Its the opposite, if we don't tackle climate change we will be imprisoned
    Buster · 2 6
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