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Did people really chop off peoples heads and place them on a stick in the medieval days?

Like they do on Game of Thrones?
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    Heads of the executed were stuck on pikes, in England. Thomas More's head was placed on a pike above London Bridge for one month, as was the custom for those executed for high treason.
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  • Yes, henry VIII had most of the heads from his executions put on spikes by the tower of london, this practice went on until about the early 1700's.
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  • Yes. Back in the 1960's, a group of SAS men on an undercover mission across the border from South Arabia into North Yemen (then in a state of civil war), were given the task of stirring things up a bit to keep the locals concerned with their own internecine squabbles, rather than exporting insurgency over the border.

    They got 'bumped', and in their haste to make an exit, shot somebody's granny who happened to be tending her goats in a field.

    Subsequently they were captured. The interesting thing is that the then British Minister of Defence, made an announcement in the British House of Commons, that no British servicemen had been executed in Arabia and their heads put on poles. This surprised everybody, as no such story had been made public. Indeed, the wives of the men concerned thought they were on exercise in Salisbury Plain.

    Their heads were on poles though, which was rather embarrassing for the politician concerned after this was proven to be the case.
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  • Heads were placed on pikes for public viewing. The practice of displaying heads on spikes was not limited to England. During the French Revolution a friend of Marie Antoinette had her head placed on a pike.
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  • yes but game of thrones is a piece of modern garbage.
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