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Do women deserve the right to vote?

I’m a republican and personally I don’t think they should even have the right to receive an education. The woman’s role in society is to stay at home and raise the children. She doesn’t want to be out working hard and putting food on the table. That’s the mans job. The woman should be subservient and have the food prepared for the man to put on the table when he gets home from work.
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  • i would say this has got to be a troll putting out some really crap bait, but i know people like this actually exist, so i can never be sure anymore
    Leela · 2 0
  • Yes they do and both men and women deserve equality
    None ya · 1 1
  • That was exactly the view of the Nazi Party. Hello, Hitler.
    Clive · 3 1
    Ayydubs · 7 0