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Why Canada doesn't have has much mass shootings? And when they do, it's tiny on scale compared to America?

Their deadliest mass shootings in the last 100 years, was in at a Canadian school (1989) 15 people died "including the perpetrator. " sadly in America, a deadly shooting like that is far more common.
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    Ok, first, it's pretty obvious that in Canada, guns are illegal and in America, kinder eggs are. So, the simple answer would be that you can't really shoot anyone, without guns.

    In America, the main contribution to shootings are school shootings, though terrorist attacks and other types of shootings do contribute to that factor as well. School shootings occur for almost the whole time because of gun theft where the child has stolen the gun from a parent.

    The second reason would be that there are crazy people or people with mental illnesses. These things cause people types of paranoia and result in them committing homicide at times. Not meaning that all people with mental illness would do this, and even less are crazy. But since the population in America, as well as the health care in America, being worse than Canada, more people will these problems would appear and less would go get it treated.

    That isn't saying that there aren't any shootings in Canada, it's just that they do appear less often. The laws require you to have a clean record and go through many tests to be able to get your license and then, can you only be able to purchase a pistol or a hunting rifle (single round, non-automatic guns) at a professional hunting store that carries guns. In America, you can literally just be over the age and buy a gun at Walmart. As well as the fact that the laws must have you keep the gun and the bullets in two separate parts of your house and locked up.

    Most shootings in Canada appear because of terrorist attacks, (when a party is against another party and does something to assault the following party) an example would be ISIS. The shootings in Canada often happen not because of the buying of guns, but the smuggling of guns. So that's basically the overall gist and answer to your question
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  • To add Canada is also a colder country where even access to guns would make it less likely to happen because it's snowing or too icy.
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  • America takes pride in being bigger at everything.and brag to the world.their number one status..
    Most countries have less gun crime than the USA.
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  • culture.. less bullying
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  • Canadians have poor aim.
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  • bigger country, bigger problems .....................................
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