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Wearing eyeliner at work? yes or no?

  • Answers
  • Definitely yes. I wouldn't go without eyeliner or mascara. It opens up your eyes and gives you a defining look like nothing else.
    Anonymous · 1 0
  • Yeah eyeliner looks good
    Emily Rose · 2 0
  • But with the right tips, you can get gel, liquid, and pencil liners down to an art form. ... Mistake \#1: Pulling or tugging your eye when you draw on eyeliner ... Potter, everyone has a liquid liner applicator that works for them.
    Aleya · 0 1
  • Yeah I think it should be fine, it just enhances your features a little bit, it's only a big thing if they make it one.
    poop · 0 0
  • Depends on the work environment.
    choko_canyon · 2 0