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Why would people on welfare want to better themselves? They get everything for free.?

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  • They did a study in our corrupt state, and the study showed the average person on welfare would have to make $83,000/year to obtain what they get for welfare & food stamps.
    Const. King · 1 0
  • There was a change in the 60's to make Welfare no longer a stigma. Prior to this, being on Welfare meant that you were a failure in life. Society (as a whole) praised hard work. There was a stronger, Christian ethic of "if you don't work, you don't eat". As a result, people who were on welfare would do what they had to to get off the system.

    Now, people can be on welfare (or some government support) for making bad choices.

    Then look at the culture of welfare recipients. A person who's on assistance is often low-information, low-motivation, and at high-risk for committing crime. There's an entitlement mentality that permeates the welfare culture. They haven't had to work for what they got, so why should they work for anything else?

    The system is also self-sabotaging.

    At one point, I was in hard times and applied for welfare. The office told me that if I made so much money, the'd give me more benefits. If I hit a certain point, all benefits would drop off. So, what's the incentive for making money if I can work up to that sweet spot before things drop?

    The current welfare system (along with the culture surrounding it) encourages people to do as little as possible to get the most benefit out of the system. People never feel the full pain of their life choices. Without pain, there is no change.
    AdventGrEd · 8 5
  • Welfare is very little
    StephenG · 5 11

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